5 Ways To Beat January Blues


Beat those January Blues When Heading Back To Work! 1. De-cluttering: De-cluttering the office, bedroom, home whatever your environment is when in work or coming home from work. Clearing out your old documents, receipts, letters etc. can also clear your... read more


Irish Dental Jobs Award

7 January 2019

Irish Dental Jobs Awarded Business All-Stars! Check out our business all-star Profile Here. Also be sure to pick up a copy of the Fingal Independant to see a published article on Irish Dental Jobs Accreditation!  Irish Dental Jobs, are immensely... read more

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Dental Interview Tips!

6 November 2018

Top Ten Interview Tips from Marguerite Morgan: Marguerite has told me before she offered me her top ten tips, that she would like an introduction added to the blog. And has stated “First of all before I give interview tips,... read more


Working With An Agency

19 October 2018

Working With a Recruitment Agency There are approximately 2,000 dentists practising in Ireland. If you wish to source candidates for your dental practice or you’re looking to be placed in a well-suited dental role. In both cases, a recruitment agency... read more


Dental Survey

11 October 2018

Recent Temp Survey Results: For those of who are following our weekly blogs or have read last Friday’s blog on the benefits of Temping, we gathered those benefits from a survey we published to all of our past and present... read more


Dental Nurse Temping

5 October 2018

Benefits of Temping We recently conducted a survey directed at our temp team. The survey answered some questions that you may be interested in hearing especially if you are considering temping! There are so many benefits to temping, this survey... read more


Recruitment Agency

28 September 2018

How does a Dental Recruitment Agency Work? Irish Dental Jobs are the ONLY Dental Recruitment Agency in Ireland! We provide support to dental professionals seeking employment.  We offer our support in every way possible, we cater for everyone and everyone’s... read more


Temping Irish Dental Jobs

14 September 2017

To Temp Or Not To Temp That Is The Question!   To temp or not to temp- that is the question! For many dental nurses that choice is not an easy one to make.   A Dental Nurse role is very demanding.... read more


13 Reasons to use IDJ

24 May 2017

13 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dental Recruitment Agency Now, more than ever, is the time to use an employment specialist! For every vacancy advertised, there are min 100-250 applications received… Time is Money…   There are approximately 3,000 dentists... read more


Welcoming Blog

24 January 2016

Welcome to Irish Dental Jobs new blog Our weekly blog is an element of our new & improved website, which we are excited to announce is now live! Here at Irish Dental Jobs, our team of experts are dedicated to creating... read more

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