If you score 15/15 you must be a dentist!

17 August 2021

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3 Ways Dental Practices Can Win in 2021

1 March 2021

The title of this article begs the question, “What is winning?” I believe that the definition of winning for a dental practice is achieving the right level of practice production. If production is at the right level, then the practice... read more


How to Write a Dental CV

1 March 2021

How to Write a Dental CV That Will Get You The Job! Download our FREE Dental CV Template! Irish Dental Jobs has been helping people find their ideal roles in the dental industry for over 8 years. In that time,... read more


10 facts about Dentistry

15 February 2021

10 facts about Dentistry that will make your hair stand up on your neck   1  Gum disease is the most common, but among the least acknowledged health problems in Europe - eight out of 10 people aged 35 and over have... read more


How do I become a dental nurse?

9 February 2021

This 2021 Irish Dental Jobs will be launching The Dental Nurse Training Academy if you would like to be kept up to date on its launch sign-up below! Sign-up to be Notified when Dental Academy is Launched * indicates required Email... read more


Dental Nurse Jobs

2 March 2020

Dental Nurse Jobs: Which dental nurse position(s) are you interested in? Dental Nurse - Dublin South - No Weekends - Full-time Amazing hours for an experienced Dental Nurse There are no Saturdays required and you can choose to work 9-5 OR 8.30-4.30 Specialist... read more


Dental Nurses' Salary

23 May 2019

How much should a dental nurse earn? Irish Dental Jobs is Irelands ONLY Dental Recruiter retaining Irelands ONLY Dental database. Therefore holding Irelands ONLY in-depth salary survey in terms of dental nurses in Ireland. There are a lot of unrealistic... read more


Children's Teeth

10 April 2019

Age To Bring Child to Dentist? This is a question we all ask ourselves as parents, what age should your child's first dental check-up be? Do they need to go as they only have baby teeth? Do you bring them... read more


Advertise A Dental Job

13 March 2019

Post a Dental Job Irish Dental Jobs has recently launched IRELANDS FIRST EVER Dental Jobs Portal! As many may be confused with Irish Dental Jobs having 2 websites and 2 services for dental practices, and also different services for candidates... read more


Dental Nurse Stories

13 March 2019

Dental Nurse Jobs Irish Dental Jobs is Irelands ONLY Dental Recruitment Agency. We are 10 years in business this year along with being an All-Star Accredited Company. We have dental nurse jobs, dental hygienist jobs, dentist jobs, practice manager jobs,... read more

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