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#1 Job Opportunity | Dental Nurse | Dublin West | Marguerite Morgan CEO About our Client
I will always support the wonderful Dr Jerry Daly and his fabulous team of dental professionals and I will tell you why now;

I was in the process of setting up Irish Dental Jobs when I first made contact with Jerry.  He obviously had never heard of Irish Dental Jobs and at the time he was looking for an experienced dental nurse, ‘experienced’ being the operative word.  Most  employers do look for experience however in almost 20 years in recruitment I  am still allergic to the word experience, I have always focused on the person, and I have proven time and time again if you have the right attitude, and you have been given an opportunity you will succeed.

So back to just over 10 years ago when Jerry was looking for an experienced dental nurse.  We made contact and I started the search for a suitable dental nurse when I met a young lady who had no dental experience whatsoever but I knew she was the right personality fit for Jerry’s practice and I knew that if she was given an opportunity she would succeed.  

Natalie was a young lady at the start of her career.  She had just qualified as a dental nurse but she was finding it hard for anyone to listen to her when she applied to a job, because she had no ‘Experience’.  I will always remember meeting Natalie, she was enthusiastic, determined, and very friendly with a big smile and I knew if I could find her the right start in dental I would not see her for a long time

Natalie Practice Manager
I am very happy to say 10 years later she is still working with Dr Jerry Daly, she has qualified in other areas of dentistry and I am delighted to say she is now the 
Practice Manager.

I want to highlight again that Jerry did not know who I was, he did not know how I conducted myself, however he listened and he believed in me so this has to be a testament in itself as to what a good guy he is. I know from dealing with all of his staff as well over the years that they love working for him and his staff are extremely loyal to him.

It is so so so important to be happy in the workplace, and it can be
hard to find a work environment that ticks all the boxes for you on a personal  and professional basis (unless you are dealing with our good selves  of  course at Irish Dental Jobs, this is what we do best, we will only  place a person in a job when we know that you will get up out of bed  and enjoy going to work as much as possible). It is as simple as that  ideally we are looking for a qualified dental nurse whether you are at  the start of your nursing career or if you are an experienced nurse.

So what are you waiting for, Hello, does this not sound like a dream?  Well maybe we can make people’s dreams come true at Irish Dental Jobs; you just never know what we will pull out of the bag!!!!

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Summary of Jobs Available:
  • Dental Nurse - Dublin West - Apply 
  • Dental Nurse - Dublin South - Apply
  • Trainee Dental Nurse - Dublin South - Apply
  • Clinic Coordinator - Dublin City Centre - Apply
  • Dental Receptionist - Dublin South - Apply
  • Hygienist - Dublin South - Apply 
  • Dentist - Dublin South - Apply
  • Dentist - Roscommon/Athlone - Apply