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Irish Dental Jobs is happy to announce that we are working with the amazing Seapoint Dental in 2020! If you are searching for a new job in dental in the new year whether you are a Dentist, Hygienist or Dental Nurse we would love to hear from you!

Information on Seapoint Dental

Seapoint Clinic prides itself on being the premier 5 star dental clinic of Ireland, serving people from all corners of the country and beyond. Over the past 10 years, Seapoint Clinic's have built an amazing reputation for patient care - and that dedication doesn't stop at just teeth. Instead, their team can cater to the individual needs of a patient, supporting them from decision making and emotional support from start to finish.

Hear from Lynn Collins - Seapoint Dental Practice Manager

My name is Lynn Collins, I am the Practice Manager at Seapoint Clinic and I'd like to tell you of my experience here at Ireland's largest private dental clinic.

I joined our award-winning team in April 2012 as a Customer Service Executive. It can be somewhat bemusing to work in a dental clinic with no dental background myself, but thanks to the Training Initiative that Seapoint Clinic implements, I was able to hit the ground running. It's one thing we pride ourselves on, a detailed training course along with a friendly team that are able to answer any and all questions. 

At Seapoint Clinic, we strive for our employees to constantly improve which is why we have several incentives as well as the potential to consistently grow within the company and it wasn't long until I was promoted to Treatment Coordinator (TCO). As part of my promotion, management arranged several internal and external training courses in Dublin, London and Manchester throughout my time as a TCO.

After 3years in the company, I was approached with a further promotion as the Customer Service Manager, a role of greater responsibility which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My husband and I were blessed to have two children, born 17 months apart. As Seapoint Clinic is very much a family-friendly and orientated company to work for, management were more than flexible with my hours as a busy working mum.

In August 2019 I was promoted to Practice Manager, which has been an incredible experience. The company owners, Dr. Ed O'Flahery and Dr. Tom Linehan, are more than accepting of any change, incentive and idea I have. I have continued to take their vision and use it to continue to grow our team, meaning there is no 'glass ceiling' to working at Seapoint Clinic. We have a fantastic team here at Seapoint Clinic and it's something we strive to better and hold on to. We're fully aware that it's the 'ground troops' that make Seapoint Clinic the very best and we'd love to have you onboard with us.