10 Years in business | charity cycle

With thanks to our sponsors and those who donated raffle prizes!!


Irish Dental Jobs is 10 years in business this October 2019, after opening in 2009 it has been a rewarding 10 year period, placing dental professionals in the right work environments and matching the right person to the right practice is a very rewarding job. Hearing that your placements are still in the same job after years is a great accomplishment and ensuring that the person is happy in their workplace is the main thing for Irish Dental Jobs. 

To celebrate our 10th year in business, we have decided to give something back. Marguerite company director stated;

I always wanted to do fundraising cycling events as part of the business but for the last 10 years, I didn't have the time or the money. I was recently watching the Late Late Show and Colin Farrell was on it with the patient ambassador for Debra Ireland Emma Fogarty.  I was distraught listening to Emma's story and of others who suffer from the same skin disease and I decided that night that to celebrate our ten years in the business I was going to run a cycling charity event for Debra Ireland.

We were very excited with regards to running the event but at the same time, we were very nervous as we were aiming to have a minimum of 100 participants to get involved and it was our first time running such an event.  We were happy to see some of the dental community, the cycling community and those who came from all over to support Debra Ireland! 

"Marguerite Morgan - Irish Dental Jobs Founder"

Debra Ireland is an amazing charity that helps those suffering from EB a skin disorder that causes the skin to become as fragile as a butterflies wing, this is why many people are wearing butterfly tattoos in the below pictures! Read more on Debra Ireland and EB here >> https://debraireland.org/about/what-is-eb/ 


Charity Cycle 2019 2

Debra Ireland Charity Cycle Event - Irish Dental Jobs - Thank You All For Your Support!

We also made a short video for those participating on the day and those who supported us with donations, just to show what and who exactly you are helping! See above!

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