Our Recent Trip To Galway!



We had a very busy weekend this time round in Galway while interviewing and meeting clients.  While there we also found out the fabulous news that Irish Dental Jobs is an All-star Business Winner. The Accreditation Award is given to companies who are progressive, indigenous Irish businesses which meet the highest standards of verified performance, trust and customer centricity. Only companies which successfully navigate the Foundation's six-step adjudication process can display the Business All-Star Symbol below! We are delighted to announce that we have passed all stages and will be attending the accreditation ceremony on December 12th at Croke Park Stadium. Keep an eye out for our Festive Newsletter on Wednesday 19th December where we will have all the news from our busy Month!





We stayed in Bearna this time around, what a fabulous location! I would highly recommend O’Grady’s on the Pier, fabulous fish restaurant, fabulous location, fabulous ambience .  Below are some brief profiles on some of the dental professionals we met and their requirements. If you have any queries call 01 8494070 or text 0879383155 and request a call-back or you can alternatively email marguerite@irishdentaljobs.ie.  

How Can I Make A Difference?

While visiting Galway we are staying in the beautiful location of Bearna.  Where we were staying there was a playground where other kids who were living here were playing. My children befriended them.  It is great to see young children so full of life, joy and enthusiasm.  They told me their heartbreaking story that they are only living in the houses on a very short term basis, that they have no-where to live. They have no accommodation.   A few of the children proceeded to tell me that for the summer months they were living in an attic in a B&B, it was so hot that they had to be naked all day because the heat was unbearable.  I said to them 'this must make your mammy very sad', because as a mother myself you feel a mothers pain. Your natural instinct is to protect your children.  I asked them if they had somewhere to go after their few months at this lovely location we were at and they said they think they have to go to a hotel.  I was distraught,  it was dreadful to witness young children, happy children in this situation and experiencing these circumstances so young.  It is just wrong.  My ten year old sobbed his little hear out for hours that night because he had made friends with a lovely bunch of children and he was devastated at their circumstances.  

I have always known I am in the wrong line of work, I need to help those in need.  I will make a difference, I need to make a difference, how can I start to make a difference? 

Watch this space...............