The Benefits of Temping

As per our recent survey, which was sent out to all of our past and present temp team, we have gathered some insights as to why people temp and what the benefits of temping are! The survey received a huge response and we have found some interesting points! There are so many people that consider temping, and this post will prove why YOU should consider it too!

Parent? Student? Travelling or Recently Moved to Ireland? Working Part-Time? 

There are so many people who temp and so many people who are in the above situations that are not aware of Irish Dental Jobs and what we do! Its as easy as picking up the phone, telling us your preferred hours - could be school hours if you are a parent, out of lecture hours if you are a student or simply looking to gain larger experience in the dental industry! Then let us know what days and your preferred location and we will do the rest!!

If you want to Read More and find out more about the specific statistics founded within our survey make sure you check out our blog post and the benefits of temping! 

And keep an eye on Next Fridays Blog which will be revealing all of the statistics gained from our survey!

Overall what are the main benefits?

  1. Flexibility
  2. Experience
  3. Work/Life Balance
  4. Luxury to choose where and when you work

So you have heard from our survey results... But still not too sure about temping? Hear what our temp team have to say!





But you STILL don't know whether temping with Irish Dental Jobs is for you? Check out our reviews from our temp team below!

Temp Team Testimonials:

"I would consider myself extremely lucky to work with Marguerite and her team. I was overwhelmed by how much she cares for her staff, Marguerite is truly one of the most empathetic people I’ve ever dealt with. Irish dental jobs always had work for me and there was always communication after each job.

I would highly recommend temp nursing with Irish dental jobs as it gives you a chance to gain experience nationwide. In my opinion Marguerite always does what’s right for her staff and has always gone above and beyond for me and I can’t thank her enough! They’re an absolute dream to work with! I can’t believe how many opportunities have come my way all thanks to Marguerite and her team!" - Katie O' Riordan 


"Marguerite is truely amazing. 
She helped me find employment after returning to Ireland from living aboard. She kept me going with temporary roles until I found something suitable. We are still in contact on a regularly basis and it is reassuring to know she will be there if I need any advice in the future.
Marguerite dedication to her work and her girls is inspirational. 
She is far from the recruiter type with her huge personality and caring attitude towards what ever she does. She is a huge breath of fresh air and is always a pleasure to chat to. 
I really don't think there is anyone in this field of work like Marguerite and there is no one else out there that would go as far as she would to help you like her." - Sarah Louise Dempsy 


"Marguerite Morgan is a very professional, efficient, enthusiastic and personable business-woman. She has opened up many opportunities for me as part of her Temp Team. As one who worked for many years in general practice, then took some time out, Marguerite and Irish Dental Jobs allowed me to rejoin the workforce and to gain experience in many specialised fields of dentistry." - Clare Lynch 

Still not convinced? Head over to our Facebook Page where we have several reviews from past and present temp staff! Or our YouTube Channel to see similar videos to the above!