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Registering with Irish Dental Jobs Agency offers the opportunity to work in some of Ireland’s experienced dental professionals and some amazing practices in a way that suits your lifestyle.  We manage your shifts, liaise with the dental practices, and manage all of the admin – all you have to do us let us know when you’re available to work.



  • Choose from a variety of specialist practices
  • Work “Where” and “When” you want
  • We send off vetting for you 
  • Get the work that suits you:
    • Technical/Clinical settings
    • Gain and learn new techniques from diverse practices nationwide
    • Dental Receptionist/admin Jobs 
    • Dental Nurse Jobs
    • Dental Hygienist Jobs 


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Irish Dental Jobs Testimonial

Meet Nadine, One of our fantastic Irish Dental Jobs Temp Nurses as she shares her experiences of Irish Dental Jobs and providing temp cover. Visit for more information.

Irish Dental Jobs: Why join our temp team?

Brodi, our Ausralian temp nurse gives her insights into temping with Irish Dental Jobs. Visit our website for more information- Marguerite's Personal Statement If I had a mantra for recruitment it is that "people matter". Throughout my career my focus has been very much on personality, ability and attitude.