Temping Irish Dental Jobs

by Marguerite Morgan

Temping Irish Dental Jobs

To Temp Or Not To Temp That Is The Question!

Dedicated Temp Team


To temp or not to temp- that is the question!

For many dental nurses that choice is not an easy one to make.  

A Dental lola in purple scrubs Nurse role is very demanding.  You spend very long hours at chair side assisting the Dentists, and other Specialists.  Your weekly roster depends on the patient’s demand but also on the choices that Dentists make so a lot of the time you have to work around the Principal Dentist's schedule and also their holidays!

This scenario might suit some, especially young nurses, just out of the college or slightly more experienced nurses whose children are that bit older giving them the flexibility to work over their required working hours.

Many Mums, but also those who don’t want to be tied to a strict 40 hour week choose to temp. This might be a conscious choice, to give them more flexibility, to give them the ‘work life balance’ or it might just be a stop gap while searching for the right permanent position.  Most dental nurses who come to Irish Dental Jobs initially temp as a stop gap to allow them to find the right permanent job but actually end up providing temp cover for a number of years because they love the flexibility, the freedom and fun that comes with providing temp cover for us.

Whichever reason – Irish Dental Jobs is the best solution. We will always guide you in the best way that we can and put you on the right path. We are here to help

Our dedicated temp team have the life we all want, the ‘work-life balance’ that we all search.  This team has the luxury to decide when they want to work and when they don’t.  It gives them the opportunity to improve their skill set, to work with many different general and specialist practices, which allows them to learn new techniques and broaden their horizons in dentistry.  This is something you may not experience working in the same practice full-time.  When an IDJ Temp arrives at a practice to provide temp cover they are treated with a lot of respect and Practice Owners are really happy to see them as the Dentist would have been under a lot of pressure without them.  IDJ Temps would be paid a higher hourly rate than what a permanent role would have to offer.

We believe that our IDJ Temps are some of the best Dental Nurses in the country as temping is not an easy job to do. You are thrown in at the deep end every time you go to a new practice and this is why temping requires the person to be 100% reliable, adaptable, flexible and clinically excellent. These are the values that, along with a minimum 2 years dental nursing experience; we are looking for in our Temporary Dental Nurses. Dentists love working with IDJ Temps and this is why the same nurses are asked back to the same practices.

Dentists love and respect working with IDJ Temps.  They know that Nurses we work with are of the highest caliber.  If you decide you want to move from temp to perm you will not be without a job as our Temporary Nurses are a hot property in the Irish Market. They are always offered very good working conditions on a permanent basis because the same practices ask for the same people back time and time again, leading to the same clients offering them a permanent position based on the nurse's requirements and not theirs.

Don't take our word for it, hear what one of our dedicated temp team nurses have to say:


“People matter to us”



Qualified dental nurse 18 years,previous years experience looking for temp,part time or possible full time,looking for work in the mayo area,Ballina,belmullet area
Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 06:43 by Louise winters
Qualified dental nurse 18 years,previous years experience looking for temp,part time or possible full time,looking for work in the mayo area,Ballina,belmullet area
Posted on Monday, April 09, 2018 15:28 by Louise winters
Hi Marguerite, Hope you're warm n dry. We will need a temporary nurse Wednesday 7th March from 8am please until 1.30 to 2pm if possible. Regards, Denise
Posted on Saturday, March 03, 2018 18:47 by Denise mccormck
Looking to get back to get back to work after having my little girl and after training in this job that i really enjoyed but feel I have left it too long with needing childcare for my daughter , but now i feel now that everything is sorted with childcare i have the oppertunity to return to work .
Posted on Thursday, December 07, 2017 11:12 by dental Nurse

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