6 Facts About Irish Dental Jobs CEO that will knock your socks off!

by Margaret Kierans

6 Facts About Irish Dental Jobs CEO that will knock your socks off!

6 Facts About Irish Dental Jobs CEO that will knock your socks off!

Marguerite Morgan the CEO of Irish Dental Jobs

  1. Cyclist

Marguerite is a keen cyclist, she is a member of her local cycling club, and cycles approx 100k per week. Prior to COVID-19 she held our very first cycling event in Dublin. Irish Dental Jobs raised over €3,000 for Debra Ireland with nearly 100 attendees in the event. We were planning on having this as Irish Dental Jobs annual charity event, running the event every September. However, COVID hit and we couldn’t continue with this event. Who knew from September 2019 to September 2020 so much would have changed in our lives! Even on rainy days she would be in the office on her Tacx Bike joining races all over the world (yes in the office) She makes sure she keeps fit even if it is in the office!!

  1. Mother

As well as being a keen cyclist – she is also a mother of two boys. A job that is essentially full-time in itself! Cooking fresh meals between school hours to drop off to after school clubs, in the middle of the working day. She juggles family life, work life and her own personal hobbies such as cycling throughout each and every day of the week! She balances her life extremely well and every hour of the day is filled with something new!

  1. Mother Theresa

Here in the office we call Irish Dental Jobs’ CEO mother Theresa, helping clients find staff and assisting jobseekers finding the right job. She always says “these are peoples lives we are dealing with, it has to be done right”. She genuinely cares for those who come to Irish Dental Jobs. Outside of helping those in the dental industry, she genuinely does have empathy for people and listens intensively.

While she was a teen she nearly joined the nunnery to become a nun – to do good in other ways! She wanted to go on missionaries and help in other countries! WOW! She even moved into the nunnery for many years!

  1. Cook

Marguerite enjoys cooking in the kitchen with Nevin McGuire being her go to guy. Her working lunch tends to be a bowl of cauliflower, seabass, Brussel sprouts, broccoli and other vegetable’s (Yes just vegetables in a bowl). As well as wishing to be a nun she also wanted to be farmer and work on the land. A jack of all trades - Master of none! 

  1. Knows what she likes and likes what she knows!

She is very particular in life, she re-reads things over and over to ensure they are proofread correctly. She has a gut instinct that is generally correct (I don’t know how) Must be a recruiter thing! When she sees or hears anything she knows immediately the best option to go with. She thinks on her feet and is not indecisive in the slightest! That is how she is a great businesswoman I suppose! She has an eye for detail that is abnormal! Which is a good thing I guess!

  1. Irelands only recruiter that is 100% exclusive to dental!

She is Ireland's ONLY recruiter that is 100% exclusive to the dental industry. She is on the phone from 8.30-8.30 at night. She DOES NOT STOP WORKING. She is also the only recruiter in the company as well as the country, she has built relationships with most dental practices in the country and remembers each and every personality. She has a 98% success rate in placing the right job-seekers in the right practice. 

So, there you have it –

  • Mother Theresa,
  • Farmer,
  • Neven McGuire lover,
  • Cycles IN work
  • Abnormal eye for detail!
  • Irelands ONLY Dental Recruiter!


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