Dental Nurses' Salary

by Marguerite Morgan

Dental Nurses' Salary

How much should a dental nurse earn?

Irish Dental Jobs is Irelands ONLY Dental Recruiter retaining Irelands ONLY Dental database. Therefore holding Irelands ONLY in-depth salary survey in terms of dental nurses in Ireland. There are a lot of unrealistic expectations within the dental industry in relation to dental employers and also dental nurses. 

Irish Dental Jobs are the only dental recruiter in Ireland with 5,000+ job seekers in our database altogether. We deal with salary expectations on a daily basis from both practice owners and dental nurses.

Here at Irish Dental Jobs, we believe that there should be a central point where it stops and that salaries should be based on the dental nurse's experience in the dental industry as opposed to location. Some areas in Ireland are much higher in salary than others - but a dental nurses salary should be as the market changes be based on their dental experience regardless of their location. 


Irelands Dental Nurse Salaries:


Irish Dental Jobs speak to dental professionals all day every day, discussing salaries with clients and job-seekers in terms of expectations, experience, profession and salary standards for the country of Ireland. We are therefore are the only organization that retains an in-depth knowledge about salary trends each year. You can now download our FREE salary guide below, and if you have any questions or queries about your salary, please do not hesitate to contact us, even if you are not seeking work, we are here to help!

In almost twenty years in my career as a recruiter both in legal and dental recruitment when it comes to salary I have always placed job seekers into a job based on their experience (not location) and what the current economic climate is offering. When you are specialising in a niche industry you are in a better position to experience new/different trends. There is also the misconception of a lot of practice owners out there that ‘there are no dental nurses available’.  I would not completely agree with this.  The majority of people we work with are not applying independently to roles, so when a practice advertises a job independently they will not receive the same applications that we are actively working on.  

We will always find the right person for each individual practice, The dental profession is a very small industry and I am of the mind that we should regulate salaries in Ireland or at least have one central place to go to as a guideline as to what kind of salaries are being offered in a current year.  You should not be contacting the IDNA, the IDHA or the IDA for this kind of information.  The only people you should be speaking to is Irish Dental Jobs. We talk to dental professionals all day every day and this is how we gather our information to share with the dental profession.

How much do dental nurses get paid in Ireland?

Based on dental nurses experience see below list of salaries:

  • Newly Qualified: Min salary €25,350 = €13ph  Max €26,000 = €13.33ph           
  • 1-2 years :  Min salary €26,000 = €13.33ph  Max €29,250 = €15ph            
  • 2-5 Years Experience: Min salary €29,250 = €15ph Max €33,150 = €17ph
  • 5-10 Years Experience: Min salary €33,150 = €17ph Max €37,050 = €19ph

dental nurses salary


How much does a dental nurse get paid?

What is a dental nurses hourly rate in Ireland?

Dental Nurses Salary?

How much is dental hygienists' salary?

Hygienist salary in Ireland 

How much does a dentist get paid in Ireland?

Dentist Salary in Ireland 

Or the overall question of 'Dental Salaries in Ireland'

The answer to all of the above request a salary guide now


Hi Anne, If you email me at I can discuss your salary with you! Thank you
Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2023 10:07 by Marguerite
Hi I’m I a dental nurse working in an orthodontics practice in spunky Dublin. I have 23 years experience. What salary should I be on ? Any advice would be helpful, thank you
Posted on Monday, July 10, 2023 14:59 by Anne
Hi hope you are well! I just wanted to ask about pay scale I am dental nurse with 7 years experience and being offered 13 an hour. Is 17 an hour for temping or should I be getting this ? Thanks hope you can help.
Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 12:29 by Shona

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