How much does a dental nurse earn a year?

23 May 2019

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How much should a dental nurse earn?

Irish Dental Jobs is Irelands ONLY Dental Recruiter retaining Irelands ONLY Dental database. Therefore holding Irelands ONLY in-depth salary survey in terms of dental nurses in Ireland. There are a lot of unrealistic expectations within the dental industry in relation to dental employers and also dental nurses. 

Irish Dental Jobs are the only dental recruiter in Ireland with 5,000+ job seekers in our database altogether. We deal with salary expectations on a daily basis from both practice owners and dental nurses. In many cases - it is the location in which the dental nurse is living that the salary is based off and this is what Irish Dental Jobs have to adhere to as this is the current market. 

Here at Irish Dental Jobs, we believe that there should be a central point where it stops and that salaries should be based on the dental nurse's experience in the dental industry as opposed to location. Some areas in Ireland are much higher in salary than others - but a dental nurses salary should be as the market changes be based on their dental experience regardless of their location. 

Our temporary nurse's go out €17 generally....


Irelands Dental Nurse Salaries:






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