Dental Interview Tips!

6 November 2018

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Top Ten Interview Tips from Marguerite Morgan:

Marguerite has told me before she offered me her top ten tips, that she would like an introduction added to the blog. And has stated “First of all before I give interview tips, I would like to express that I am not your typical recruiter I do things differently, I genuinely listen to the person and their attitude as opposed to how much experience they have, of course, you need to have experience but sometimes a good attitude and determination is a lot more valuable! Irish Dental Jobs is my second successful company and I get it right for the long term rather than the short term”.

 Enjoy Marguerite's top 10 interview tips!

1. Number One Tip is a good handshake! If you have a limp handshake, it indicates that you are lacking in interest in the role on offer. A good attitude, handshake and a smile really goes a long way!

2. Think of an interview as a casual conversation as opposed to an interview – that’s all it is for me as I view my interviewees as equal to me as opposed to a candidate! Good eye contact and good body language is also necessary in an interview!

3. Number 3 – tell the interviewer about yourself and your hobbies to allow them to understand who you are as a person! Ask questions it is your job interview so don't be afraid to ask the right questions to find out if you are the right fit!

4. don’t be nervous – it’s a casual conversation, bring yourself and a good attitude and that’s enough!

5.ENTHUSIASM - is something that is essential for an interview, enthusiasm needs to be evident!

6.INTEREST -  Someone has to be interested and driven in their area of work. Interest is one of the main things to bring to the interview with you! Someone who is not interested is evident from the moment they enter a room.

7.DETERMINATION - Someone who has shown a track record of determination and is determined in their workload is fundamental in any job role.

8. Being On Time is also essential showing up late instantly reflects a lack of interest!!

9. Follow up after the interview – again showing an interest is key!! Calling, texting emailing shows that you are keen and that you really want the job on offer!

10.And Lastly Number 10: BE YOURSELF!!


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