Marguerite's Personal Statement


If I had a mantra for recruitment it is that “people matter”. Throughout my career, my focus has been very much on personality, ability, and attitude. I very much believe that if you have the right attitude you will succeed. After all my years as a recruiter, I still have a huge amount of enthusiasm for what I do.

I do have a genuine interest in people. I get very involved with a job seeker and I take it very seriously that it is their livelihood that I am dealing with. I go to great lengths to find a job that suits both their personality and experience. When you get both of these factors right you have a happy worker who is there for the long term.

I understand the needs of the employer, I don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time. I do believe in providing a very high standard of service.​

“If you are open to suggestions and willing to look outside the box” I will always find the right people for your practice for the long term. And the reason I am confident in saying this is that I have proven this over and over again in my years as a recruiter.